Absence Management Certification

Occasional employee absence is unavoidable, but frequent absence comes at a considerable cost to an organisation. Absent employees cost their employers money and time and repeated absence can lower morale. A team will feel discouraged if one or more of their members are often away from work and this can lead to resentment and tension in the workplace.Ultimately, persistent employee absence has a detrimental effect on profits and can damage valuable relationships between a business and its clients. Therefore, all organisations need to take a proactive approach when it comes to absence management and prevention. Fortunately, you can reduce absenteeism by understanding the underlying causes and taking practical steps to reduce it.In this course, you will learn why employees may be absent from work, how to handle instances of absence, how to help those with genuine reasons for absence return to the workplace and how to discipline employees who are absent without good cause. You will discover how to strike a balance between supporting the needs of your organisation while promoting the health and wellbeing of its employees.

You Will Learn:-

    • What is meant by employee absence, the financial costs of absence and why it is imperative that all businesses think carefully about how to handle it.
    • The most common reasons for both short-term and long-term absences and how the causes of absence vary by sector.
    • The elements that make up a good absence management policy and how to ensure that it is implemented in a consistent way.
    • The practical steps line managers and business owners can take when disciplining and dismissing employees with a history of frequent or prolonged absences.
    • How to prevent absence by improving working conditions, raising morale and offering effective incentives.

Benefits Of Taking This Course:-

    • If you are in a management role, this course will give you the confidence to talk to employees about absence and to implement absence policies.
    • If you are responsible for drawing up absence policies, this course will help you devise fair, effective procedures that promote a healthy workplace.
    • If you own a business or are the head of an organisation, this course will encourage you to examine your workplace culture and understand how it may foster a culture of absenteeism.
    • You will gain practical insights into measures that reduce employee absence, which will allow you to immediately start tackling the problem in your own organisation.
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