Bespoke HSE Manuals & Documentation

If you already have the content…

…then we’ll suggest ways to bring it to life, on the page. We’ll help you ensure your text connects with your core values and the audience that reads it. Safety Manual design is as important as the text in it. We want your audience to own and act on your Health & Safety messaging, not just ‘tick the box’ so we bring the full weight of our experience to every project, like Augmented Reality, 3D modelling and POR (Point of Risk) ActuatorsTM

If you need it, we’ll sense-check your content for compliance & accuracy using our pool of industry experts. Then we’ll produce and deliver, or work with your preferred printer to keep your Procurement team happy.

If you need to start from scratch…

…or simply don’t have the time then we’ll work up a full project brief for you. As soon as you’ve approved it we’ll get cracking, keeping you up to speed as the project develops. You’ll get final sign off and stay in control throughout.

And if it’s slipped off your radar…

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Core competencies in: 

      • Oil & Gas (incl. E&P)
      • Shipping
      • Petrochemical and Energy
      • Waste & Recycling


    • Rail & Road Transport
    • Construction
    • Heavy Engineering

Safety Manuals

Our award winning design team will produce eye catching and thought provoking literature to increase your employee engagement, both at work and at home. Read More…

Ambient Comms

Every day we take in our environment and each of those little things we see our brains pick up, why not take advantage of our clever little minds and use those ambient areas to display HSE comms. Read More…

HSE Comms Site Audit

We can undertake a full site audit of your working environment. Walking the route to work, seeing what your staff see so we can best advise on how to maximise impact through HSE comms placementsRead More…

Safety Notice Boards

The hallowed noticeboard is more than a dumping ground for bake sale flyers and football sign ups. We design & install static and digital notice boards that draw the eye and engage the reader. Read More…

HSE Posters

Avoid your safety messaging becoming ‘corporate wallpaper’. Our award winning team design posters that provoke thought and emotion to help embed the safety culture. Read More…

HSE Engagement

Safety is 24/7/365 – it shouldn’t stop at the factory gates. We’ll help you develop award winning safety communication campaign across the whole business. Read More…

We can also help with…

Leadership & Management Training

We’re an accredited training provider for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) range of courses. We are the only company in the UK to provide a specific Safety Leadership Training course pending accreditation by the CMI.

HSE Documents & Engagement Programmes

This is where it all started for us. For over 20 years we’ve been turning tedious HSE manuals into clear, engaging communications. We can script and check against latest compliance if you’re too busy. Our approach is very different and our initial investment in getting it right for you is refreshingly simple, but incredibly effective.

Behavioural Safety & Safety Leadership

‘Face to Face’ fully immersive integration is at the very heart of our training. Our Award-Winning Training Programmes are proven to change safety behaviours in high-risk industries from oil & petro to waste management, rail and shipping.

Induction Videos

A specifically designed HSE Film could be the key to communicating your message. Our highly talented team of technical specialists will visit you for onsite filming and create a bespoke film to meet your needs.

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