Accredited** Safety Leadership Intensive

This two-day course takes learnings from HSE and explores what safety leadership is and how each individual can apply and adapt leadership styles putting safety at the forefront of your organisation.

You will explore and develop your understanding of leadership styles to find what type of leader you are. We will explore differences between leadership and management and build foundations of the leadership styles most suited to you and your organisation.

You will experience the human factors that influence decision making and how as leaders you can identify and manage these to keep your workforce and organisation safe.

By applying proven feedback and communication techniques you will embed an open communication culture that encompasses your organisation’s values and advances the safety culture. We investigate the legal, moral and financial obligations applicable to all leaders and managers in order to protect the workers, the leader and the organisation.

Each delegate will reflect on their own Safety Leadership undertaking and will come away with a commitment to action for how you personally will undertake your approach to Safety Leadership. Upon completion and our follow up assessment the delegates will receive a certificate.

**Pending Approval  

Who should attend:

Senior business leaders or anyone who aspires to this role in the future.

Health and safety advocates and influencers looking for key areas on which to focus to make a difference.

All business leaders working in any sector, anywhere in the world.


Two days


UK and Europe

Delegate Numbers:

Min 3, Max 12

  • Designed by behavioural psychologists and safety professionals
  • Certificate issued on completion
Module 1 - Objectives or Learning Outcomes
  • The importance of Safety Leadership in creating an efficient safety culture

  • Understanding the Safety Culture Ladder

  • How to adopt the business values into every decision, especially around safety

  • The importance of communication to ensure continuous safety improvements and how to effectively communicate

  • How human factors occur and affect the safety culture

  • The positive influence good leadership has on the business 

Module 2 – Preparation – information to be prepared by the business and the delegates prior to the training
  • Business core values

  • Core value behaviours

  • Individual objectives for GROW exercise at end of session

Module 3 - What is Leadership
  • What does good leadership look like?

  • Who inspires you?

  • Leadership auction

  • Assessment

Module 4 - Legal
  • The legal stuff


  • ACT – Continuous improvement

  • Moral obligations

  • Assessment

Module 5 - Culture
  • Culture iceberg

  • What is our safety culture

  • Safety culture ladder

Module 6 - Core Values
  • Core Value behaviours

  • Assessment

Module 7 - Responsibility and Accountability
  • Accountability

  • Human Factors ABC’s

  • Error vrs Violation

  • Assessment

Module 8 - Effective Communication
  • Feedback

  • Johari Window exercise

  • Open questions exercise

  • Encouragement and recognition

  • Assessment

Module 9 - Objectives
  • GROW model

  • SMART objectives

  • Assessment


Final Assessment
  • Final assessment with follow-up plan

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