Agenda Setting Certification

An agenda is essentially a meeting plan that outlines key items and topics to be discussed, and in what order. Depending on the purpose of the meeting and nature of your business, the agenda may be very simple, containing only a few items, or it may be more in depth. The main goal, however, is always the same – to inform and prepare meeting participants in advance, and to ensure a smooth meeting process. This course will be providing an overview of agenda setting, why it’s important, how to create an effective agenda, as well as how to use an agenda to run a successful meeting.

You Will Learn:

    • About the function of agenda setting
    • Why agenda setting is important
    • How to create a well-planned agenda
    • How to use an agenda to run a more effective meeting

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • You will better understand the role agenda setting plays in preparing for a meeting
    • You will learn how a well-planned agenda can benefit the organiser and participants of a meeting
    • Your knowledge of agenda setting will equip you with the tools needed to lead more productive and effective meetings
    • You will be able to ensure that team members are well-prepared and encouraged to attend
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