Anger Management Certification

Anger is a normal and sometimes useful emotion, but excessive anger can have serious personal and professional consequences. Fortunately, most people can control their temper via self-help measures, professional help, or both.In this course, you will learn how to control your anger and seek outside help in regulating your temper.

You Will Learn:

    • Why it’s important to recognise your personal anger signs
    • How to use breathing exercises to bring anger under control
    • How to make positive lifestyle changes that will reduce your anger
    • Why you may wish to reduce your alcohol consumption
    • When to seek professional help

Benefits Of Taking This Course:

    • If you have an established history of pathological anger, this course will help you learn how to manage your temper
    • If you suspect that you are beginning to develop an anger management problem, this course will help you get your problem under control before it affects your life
    • If you live or work with someone who has an anger management problem, this course may help you understand and support them
    • If you are looking to work in mental health, this course will give you a useful overview of a common but destructive problem
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