Asperger’s Awareness Certification

If there are individuals working in your company who have responsibility for taking care of people affected by Asperger’s Syndrome, this detailed course is the perfect companion to their hands-on work, offering them a wealth of information regarding the condition and giving them the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge for their future career in this field.

As an employer, you can benefit from knowing that your team has first-class, up-to-date knowledge of the field, in order to enable them to effectively care for or treat those individuals who are affected by Asperger’s.

What’s Covered in the Course?

The course is comprehensive, covering the following key areas:

    • A definition of Asperger’s Syndrome and an overview of the history of the condition, including the key differences between it and other disorders on the autistic spectrum;
    • Some of the main causes of the syndrome and the impact of hereditary factors, as well as its effects, the symptoms that it causes and other diseases or conditions that individuals affected by Asperger’s Syndrome often have to deal with;
    • Separate modules detailing how Asperger’s Syndrome affects adolescents and adults, recognising some of the challenges at each stage and different treatments and interventions;
    • A look at famous people who are affected by the condition;
    • A specific study of Asperger’s Syndrome in the workplace, including how to recognise if someone is suffering from the condition and what adjustments and support can be put in place, in order to enable the sufferer to effectively work as part of a team;
    • Different treatments available for the condition, as well as techniques for coping with the effects on a daily basis.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

There are plenty of advantages of taking this Asperger’s Awareness Certification, for both the employee and the business:

    • The flexible, modular structure of the course means that students can study at their own pace, at work or at home and using a variety of devices;
    • Learners will acquire a greater and deeper knowledge of the condition, enabling them to have greater career prospects in the field;
    • Ongoing, online support, to overcome any difficulties or queries that the learner may have;
    • Upon completion of the course, learners will gain a certified, industry-recognised diploma.
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