Assertiveness Skills Certification

Understanding the importance of and demonstrating assertiveness skills in the workplace is crucial for career success and in order for a business to drive sales in a competitive marketplace. The Assertiveness Skills Certification offers your employees a wealth of information about how to improve their assertiveness and confidence, on both a professional and personal level. As an employer, you can benefit from knowing that your team has the required knowledge and skills, in order to demonstrate assertive behaviours, making them more likely to succeed in their role and bring benefits to your organisation.

What’s Covered in the Course?

The course is comprehensive and covers the following main areas:

    • A definition of assertiveness and a detailed examination of the differences between behaviour styles, such as assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours;
    • Practical tips on how an assertive style can help an employee in the workplace and assist them in achieving their career goals;
    • The importance of the balance between assertive and confident behaviours, when building sound professional and personal relationships;
    • How assertiveness links to body language and listening skills and how to use both to the greatest advantage in your business;
    • Great practical tips on how to understand and use assertive communication in a variety of different scenarios;
    • Ways to get around barriers to thinking and behaving in an assertive manner, including flawed thinking processes and negativity;
    • How to be more influential in the workplace, in order to achieve success.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

There are numerous benefits of taking this Assertiveness Skills Certification, for both the employee and the business:

    • Employees can study at their own pace, due to the flexible, modular structure of the course. What’s more, they can learn at work or at home and from a variety of devices, for maximum ease and flexibility;
    • Continuous online support is available for your team members, so that they can quickly and effectively complete the course;
    • Upon completion of the course, an industry-recognised certificate is awarded to your team members;
    • Your team members will receive lifetime access to the material in the course, so that they can continue to indefinitely benefit from the valuable information and regularly refresh their learning.
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