Basic Maths

Struggling with basic maths is common. Close to 40% of the population in the UK reportedly struggle with basic concepts like fractions and ratios. While you may not have to take maths tests often in your adult life, lacking skills in this area can make things more complicated. For example, a solid understanding of how ratios and proportions work can make mental maths a lot easier. Developing your maths skills has a whole host of real-world, immediate benefits. This course gives you an overview of several basic maths skills. We begin by talking about BODMAS, giving you a practical example you can use to follow along. Next, we review fractions and include a discussion of mixed numbers. Finally, we discuss ratios and proportions. By the end of this course, you should be confident enough with these basic maths skills to tackle more complex work.

You Will Learn:

    • Several key terms used to describe maths operations
    • What the proper order of operations is when tackling a complex mathematical equation
    • What the difference between a numerator and a denominator is and how to differentiate a proper fraction from an improper one
    • What the difference between a ratio and a proportion is, as well as how to express each concept mathematically
    • How to use proportions to solve mathematical equations

Benefits of Taking This Course

    • Obtain a solid foundation in maths you can use to pursue the subject at more advanced levels
    • Learn more about how you can apply mathematical concepts to your everyday life
    • If you have been out of education for a number of years, get a refresher on basic maths skills that you may have forgotten
    • If you are currently a student focusing on the arts or other related subjects, brush up on your basic maths skills before taking qualifying exams
    • If you are a teacher, learn more about the basic maths skills your students may not fully understand, along with how you can help teach them
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