Cable and Wire Management Certificate

Wire and cable management – does it matter? Yes, and it goes way beyond just organisation. There are proper methods of cable and wire management that are necessary for performance, efficiency and appearances. But most importantly, it is vital to maintain proper wire and cable management for health and safety reasons.As an employer, it is necessary to keep your employees safe. Similarly, it is vital to ensure that clients are not exposed to any hazardous material or environments. Therefore, technicians are often encouraged to take a cable management course to keep themselves safe and to learn about proper wire and cable installations in order to keep their clients safe.However, not only technicians benefit from a cable and wire management course, but also individuals carrying out their own equipment installation, as well as those who want to learn better ways to organise their cables.

What you will learn in this course:

    • What is cable and wire management and why is it important?
    • Ways to organise wires and cables
    • Where to apply proper wire and cable management practices
    • How cable management can affect overall performance and efficiency

Benefits of this course

    • Understand why proper cable and wire management is vital for safety and how proper installation allows for longer material lifespan
    • Learn how to keep an electrical area clean and safe
    • Learn how to effectively and neatly organise cables and wire without compromising on performance or efficiency
    • Understand the dangers associated with poor cable and wire exposures and how to avoid electrical hazards
    • Become familiarised with ways to label cables and how to trace and locate them without spending too much time trying to identify them
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