Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certification

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has emerged as one of the most effective treatments for a wide range of psychological problems. By helping a client understand how their thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact to maintain faulty patterns of thinking, CBT assists them in developing a more constructive approach to problem solving and life in general.This course provides a comprehensive overview of the theory underlying CBT, the counselling skills that underpin good therapeutic practice and how to implement specific CBT techniques in the treatment of depression, anxiety and other common mental health problems.

You Will Learn:

    • What is meant by the term “cognitive behavioural therapy” (CBT) and the underlying principles that guide CBT practitioners.
    • How counselling works to promote change and the basic counselling skills every therapist needs to develop.
    • How to develop listening skills that promote client disclosure and how to communicate empathy.
    • How to help clients identify their irrational beliefs and how the ABC model is used to guide CBT.
    • How to formulate a case and plan CBT sessions.
    • How to select and implement CBT tools such as journaling, behavioural experiments and challenging maladaptive thoughts.
    • How to use CBT techniques to help someone overcome depression and resume engagement with day-to-day life.
    • How to use CBT techniques to reduce the impact of a client’s anxiety, overcome panic attacks and conquer phobias.
    • How thoughts, feelings and behaviours cause and maintain insomnia, and how CBT can help a client resume a normal sleeping pattern.
    • An overview of two therapies based on CBT – Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) – and the client populations most likely to benefit from them.

Benefits Of Taking This Course

    • You will learn how CBT and psychotherapy in general work to alleviate mental distress.
    • You will gain insight into a number of common mental health conditions, which is useful for anyone working in, or looking to work in, a caring profession.
    • You will discover how faulty cognition and maladaptive behaviours maintain mental distress, which will enable you to help yourself and others adopt more effective coping methods.
    • Your knowledge will give you the confidence to decide whether a career as a CBT therapist is right for you.
    • You can study from any location with an internet connection.
    • Learn the material at any time and at your own pace.
    • Lifetime access to the course – no deadlines.
    • Obtain a recognised certification when completing the course, which will improve your career prospects.
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