Conflict in the Workplace

Resolving conflicts is essential to the function of all businesses. Conflicts are inevitable; how they’re dealt with is optional. Conflicts can either reduce productivity or create a hostile working environment, or they can be resolved in a manner which strengthens working relationships. To get the best results you need to know how to approach them. This course tells you exactly how to transmute negative encounters in the workplace into a beneficial opportunity for growth.This course has been created for management, staff and anyone interested in possessing the knowledge and skills to resolve workplace conflicts. This course covers key themes vital to resolving conflicts. All the information is based on up to date scientific research, and has been successfully applied in the workplace to resolve real life conflicts and is presented in easily understandable language. The skills, tools and knowledge contained in this course are illustrated with examples to help you grasp the fundamental concepts of conflict resolution. Worksheets, quizzes, tests and interactive exercises are provided to reinforce and aid your learning.

What you will learn:

    • How to identify the primary causes of conflict within the workplace
    • The impact of conflict in the workplace
    • How to manage conflict in the workplace
    • The importance of positive workplace behaviours
    • How to identify and properly resolve interpersonal conflicts in the workplace
    • How to identify different communication styles and how they impact workplace conflicts
    • The skills needed to address conflicts in the workplace
    • How to deal with angry people in an effective and calm manner
    • How to be assertive and communicate your needs without aggression
    • How to create win-win resolutions which resolve conflicts and create harmony
    • How to take personal responsibility for conflict resolution

Benefits of taking this course:

    • Promote a harmonious working environment and reduce tension in the workplace
    • Be able to confidently handle difficult interpersonal conflicts
    • Increase productivity, morale and rapport among colleagues
    • Build and sustain fruitful working relationships
    • Increase empathy and people skills

Taking this course has tangible time and resource benefits – reducing the significant time spent in stress and conflict and replacing it with the skills and tools to work together with ease.

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