Connecting with Customers Certification

Connecting with customers is one of the most vital elements to the success of any business. You can have the greatest product or service available, but without communicating and connecting effectively with the market, it doesn’t mean much. This course provides a comprehensive insight into all the elements that define a successful relationship between a business and the existing and potential customers. From the structures that need to be in place, to the habits and the skills that need to be entrenched into the culture of the organisation, this course will provide you with the tools you need to successfully connect with and satisfy the customers upon which your brand is built.

You Will Learn

    • How to identify your target market (including defining your product and knowing your competition)
    • Techniques for effectively engaging customers (including optimising your website and traditional media options)
    • To use social media to effectively engage customers
    • The science of creating, maintaining and optimising a customer database
    • How to ensure that every customer has the best experience through mastering the art of the personal touch

Benefits Of Taking This Course

    • You’ll forge stronger relationships (and increase business) with your existing customers.
    • You will attract new customers by learning fundamental marketing communication techniques
    • Improve your social media reach and influence
    • Be in control of your customer database and learn how to effectively make use of it
    • Work strategically to communicate to the right market with the right message
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