Costs and Causes of Employee Turnover Certification

Employee turnover costs businesses and the economy an astronomical amount of money every year, with some industries particularly vulnerable to its effects. Some turnover is normal and healthy in every sector, but above-average turnover can significantly lower productivity and morale in the workplace. Therefore, it is imperative that every organisation makes an effort to measure and analyse who is leaving – and why.This course provides an overview of the factors underlying employee turnover and how job and personal factors affect the likelihood that someone will tender their resignation. You will also learn what employers, recruiters and managers across all sectors can do to improve employee retention. You will discover why the first few weeks following a new hire are crucial, the role of training and how to build a positive workplace culture that inspires satisfaction and loyalty among employees.

You Will Learn:-

    • The differences between voluntary and involuntary employee turnover, how it is measured and why high turnover is generally a warning sign that an organisation needs to examine their recruitment and hiring practices.
    • The financial and non-financial toll turnover takes on a business, how it impacts profitability and productivity and why a single resignation can trigger a domino effect within a department.
    • The most common causes of employee turnover, how many employees are unhappy in their roles and what they most value in a prospective employer.
    • Why the recruitment process is instrumental in reducing an organisation’s turnover rate and what employers can do to check the “fit” between a candidate and their organisation.
    • How to improve retention rates among existing staff, nurture talent within an organisation and build a good company culture.

Benefits Of Taking This Course:-

    • If you are in a management position, you will gain useful insight into the relationship between leadership practices and employee retention.
    • If you work in an HR role, this course will provide you with information that will help you measure and understand turnover in your company.
    • If you work in a recruitment-based role, this course will help you draw links between job design, the recruitment process, worker satisfaction and turnover.
    • Anyone who oversees the day-to-day running of an organisation will benefit from understanding the link between employee turnover and the success of the organisation as a whole.
    • Anyone interested in organisational psychology will appreciate this opportunity to learn more about employee motivation.
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