Creating Lively and Effective Meetings Certification

Understanding the keys to lively and effective meetings is vital for anybody in any organisation, regardless of the nature and the size.This course provides a comprehensive insight into every aspect of ensuring that meetings are lively and effective, including how to prepare for a meeting, the types of meeting to choose and how to make them super effective and never boring!From the ways to make the best use of time, to effective meeting communication techniques you can apply as a meeting coordinator or participant, this course covers every aspect that anyone in any company or organisation needs to know.

You Will Learn

    • How to thoroughly prepare for any type of meeting
    • The different meeting types and how to know which is best for your needs
    • How to ensure that meetings are lively and stimulating for all attendees
    • How to effectively communicate before, during and after the meeting
    • How to keep the meeting focused and highly productive

Benefits of Taking This Course

    • You will be able to organise and coordinate the most effective meetings at your organisation
    • You will understand the keys to making the most of each meeting and never waste another minute
    • You will be able to suggest new and innovative ways to make your meetings lively, stimulating and creative
    • You will be able to assign tasks to attendees and get the very best out of them in each meeting
    • You will be able to save time, increase productivity and turn meetings into powerful strategic tools
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