Dealing with Customer Complaints Certification

Every business – even the biggest and most successful – has to deal with customer complaints. The business that is able to effectively manage complaints keeps customers happy and builds strong customer relationships. This course equips employees with the knowledge and skills that are necessary, in order to increase customer loyalty, by way of an effective complaints handling process. It provides the skills for the employee to recognise the mistake that has been made and decide on the best way in which to rectify it, to the customer’s satisfaction. The course is particularly useful as training for customer-facing staff but also for other employees, who may have duties that are related to complaint resolution.

What is Covered in the Course?

Throughout this course, team members can expect to cover the following topics:

    • The definition of a complaint, so that complaints can be recognised immediately;
    • The best ways in which to receive complaints, to enable them to be effectively resolved;
    • Effective methods to manage complaints in a variety of ways, in order to meet the needs of everyone who is involved;
    • The damage that can be caused by complaints and how to minimise it;
    • The process of effective complaint management, so the complaints do not impact business efficiency and productivity;
    • Dispute resolution tactics and techniques and how to use and apply them in the workplace;
    • Active listening and effective communication skills that can be used in complaint resolution;
    • An understanding of the customer’s emotional and psychological needs, as they relate to the complaint and its resolution;
    • How to diffuse a difficult situation of any type;
    • What the future holds in terms of customer service and how it deals with complaints;
    • How to create an action plan that works, when it comes to receiving and dealing with complaints.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

There are a good number of benefits associated with this course and these include:

    • Complaints are reactive, so a business needs to have a complaints handling procedure that can be implemented, as soon as the complaint comes about – this course equips the employee with the required skills, in order to recognise the type of complaint, identify a resolution and efficiently and effectively implement it;
    • Complaints are resolved quickly, more efficiently and more effectively;
    • The employee gains a broader knowledge of customer behaviour and learns how that relates to satisfaction and loyalty;
    • The course is modular, can be studied at any time and accessed anywhere, with an internet-enabled device.
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