Decoding Direct/Indirect Messages

Many of us go into situations with communication with no concept of the type of communicators we are. Some people are direct communicators and some are indirect communicators. Each type of communicator portrays different types of messages to others. In order to be a better communicator, both in your personal and professional life, you need to understand how to decode these messages.

This course gives you an overview of both direct and indirect messages. It fully explains what each of these communication styles are and how people use them in both personal and professional settings. This course also covers how to use both direct and indirect messages in your communications with others and it gives specific scenarios that help you to easily see the differences between them. Finally, the course covers both the specific traits that each of these types of communicators have and it also covers how you can communicate better based on the type of communicator you are.

You Will Learn:

  • How to understand what direct messages are
  • How to understand what indirect messages are
  • How both direct and indirect messages are used during rn communication
  • The traits of both direct and indirect communicators
  • How to communicate with others based on your communication type

Benefits of Taking This Course

    • Learn more about the ways you can communicate with others
    • Learn about what type of communicator you are and how you can better communicate with others
    • Understand how to better communicate with people who communicate in a direct opposite manner than you are used to
    • If you are working in a business setting, you will learn how to understand how your colleagues communicate and how you can work together in a more effective way simply through communication
    • If you are wondering how to more effectively communicate with others, this course gives tips about changing your own communication style
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