Defining HR Certification

Human Resources (HR), also known as Human Resource Management (HRM), is a set of practices that align people-related activities with the aims and values of the organisation in which they work. Virtually every business and charitable organisation will call on the services of HR professionals at some point and almost all employees will come into direct contact with HR at some stage in their career.HRM is a broad term and it can be difficult to understand precisely what happens in an HR department. Many employees do not quite trust HR departments and assume that their main function is to oversee “hiring and firing” procedures.In this course, you will take a close look at what HR professionals do in their day-to-day roles, the scope of HRM practices and how the discipline has moved beyond simple personnel administration to become a dynamic force in shaping organisational vision across every sector.

You Will Learn:-

    • The main purposes of HRM, the role it plays in the employee’s life cycle and how it helps a business achieve their objectives.
    • Common misconceptions surrounding HRM and the truth behind these myths.
    • The structure of a typical HR department and how people usually begin their careers in this field.
    • Why it is important to measure the efficacy of HR practices and how organisations can ensure that their HR departments are working to further the interests of both the organisation and its workforce.
    • Challenges facing modern HR practitioners, including the rise of new technology, diversity in the workplace and an ageing workforce.

The Benefits Of Taking This Course:-

    • Anyone looking to begin a career in HR will benefit from this course, as it presents a broad overview of this area.
    • Those working in management positions that involve liaising with HR professionals will feel more confident working with people with an HR background after completing this course.
    • If you are interested in employee relations, this course will provide you with background information that will further your knowledge in this area.
    • Anyone responsible for developing growth strategies will benefit from learning how HR plays a key role in shaping an organisation’s future.
    • Any employee keen to learn more about their rights at work will be interested in the content of this course, as it outlines how HR professionals operate on behalf of both the organisation and its staff to resolve problems and create a better working environment.
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