Delegation of Authority Certification

Often, there are many moving parts to running a business and a large part of this involves delegating tasks to various individuals. Delegation of tasks is also an important element for anyone in a managerial position. Being in any type of leadership role requires a certain level of trust, as delegation of authority is an important aspect of managing a team or group of people. Entrusting employees with responsibilities creates a higher commitment to work. Delegation of authority is not just beneficial for a business or for a leader, but it also serves as a vital aspect of growth for many professionals. One can learn new skills and fine-tune old ones, while delivering and receiving respect. However, while the delegation of authority can have many benefits, there is often hesitation regarding the implementation of it.

What you will learn in this course:

    • Why individuals don’t delegate tasks
    • Learn and understand the importance of the relationship between authority and responsibility
    • Elements of delegation
    • How to be a master delegator

Benefits of delegating authority:

    • You will learn about the relationship between authority and responsibility and how to apply it as a manager
    • Understand the importance of accountability both on the part of the delegator and the person taking on the task
    • Learn how to assign duties and grant authority
    • Learn how to create responsibility
    • Managers will learn how to minimise workload
    • Learn how to facilitate growth
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