Developing Employees Certification

Educating your employees does not stop after they have gone through the training process. It is important to invest in continuous learning to ensure that you and your staff members can succeed. Development programmes are a great way to build upon existing skills, helping your staff members adapt to changes within the industry. Offering these types of programmes can improve morale, increase teamwork among your staff, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Learning more about these types of programmes is the best way to figure out how to create the perfect one for your workplace. This course gives you comprehensive information about offering development programmes to your staff members. It begins by talking about development and your legal obligations. Next, we discuss the general steps involved in creating a development programme to suit your company’s needs. Using these programmes to create future corporate leaders is another topic covered in the course. Finally, we give you information on why and how to improve your existing development programmes.

You Will Learn:

    • The difference between training and development in a workplace context
    • Your legal obligations as an employer when it comes to continuous development
    • How to develop learning objectives for your course
    • The reasons why you should conduct reviews of your programmes
    • How often to re-evaluate these programmes

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • Understanding why your company should focus on development
    • Understanding when to offer development programmes yourself and when to hire a third-party expert
    • Learning about the types of programmes you should offer to create future company leaders
    • Learning more about the four learning styles and how to adapt your programme to suit them
    • Understanding the various development programme options available to you
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