Discipline and Grievance Certification

Procedures for handling discipline and grievance issues may vary considerably depending on the organisation, but it’s important that processes are implemented within the workplace to ensure that these issues are always dealt with in a fair and consistent manner.This course will equip you with the skills and approaches required to manage discipline and grievance issues more efficiently by giving a clear understanding of what the terms mean and what appropriate procedures should look like.

You Will Learn:

    • About discipline in the workplace, including what progressive discipline entails
    • How proper policies and procedures should look
    • How to conduct a fair disciplinary hearing
    • About fair reasons for suspension and dismissal
    • How to manage grievances both informally and formally

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • Your knowledge will allow you to better deal with disciplinary and grievance issues in the workplace
    • Your skills will allow you to implement and follow appropriate procedures
    • You will be able to solve issues early on, preventing them from escalating
    • You will learn how to improve employee relations and reduce time and costs involved with disputes and trials
    • You will be able to better prevent grievances from occurring
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