Dyslexia Awareness Certification

Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities and can heavily influence your ability to learn and engage in day-to-day life. The Dyslexia Awareness Certification is a great option for education professionals, administrators or even those in business, such as those in human resources or management roles. Understanding dyslexia and its many manifestations can lead to more inclusive and positive work environments, while enhancing job satisfaction, not only for those with dyslexia, but also for those working around them.

What’s Covered in the Course?

The Dyslexia Awareness Certification offers 14 modules, each uniquely designed to cover a range of topics, including:

    • A background to dyslexia, including how it affects your life, its symptoms and how others can support those with dyslexia;
    • The theories behind the causes of dyslexia and the neurological origins, as well as how it is diagnosed;
    • An overview of the types of dyslexia and their respective treatments;
    • How dyslexia affects phonetic learning, speech and literacy, as well as your ability to write, spell, speak and listen;
    • Insight into the link between brain function, dyslexia and creativity, with focus on music, art and writing;
    • The intricacies of dyslexia as an adult, the impact that it has on work life and coping skills;
    • Learning difficulties that are often found alongside dyslexia, including ADHD, and how they function in relation to each other;
    • Treatment and support for those with dyslexia, which focuses on children, in terms of speech therapy and the medications that are sometimes used, in order to treat the symptoms;
    • An overview of dyslexia as a legal issue, such as how it is classified as a disability, the laws that apply to people living with disabilities in the UK and how those laws apply in work and school life.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

Here are several other reasons why your team members will greatly benefit from taking this course:

    • The course material can be accessed from anywhere, using any number of devices, and at a pace that suits your staff’s needs;
    • The modules are formed in a way that promotes ease of learning, ensuring that your staff fully understand the course material and get the most out of it;
    • The promotion of inclusive work environments, while offering professional development opportunities to those in people-focused positions;
    • At the end of the programme, your staff will be awarded a certification, which can be used to demonstrate the qualifications and standards of service offered by your organisation.
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