Eating Disorder Awareness

Eating disorders are detrimental to human health. They are serious and often cause fatal illnesses that hamper normal eating habits.It is estimated that 1.6 million people in the UK suffer from at least one eating disorder. Although, this figure is likely to be much larger due to some people not receiving the help that they need.The mental illness affects all ages, ethnic groups and races. Unlike other mental illnesses, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate. Therefore, it is important to promote eating disorder awareness, to help prevent the condition. This course has been designed specifically for this purpose. First, it defines eating disorders and differentiates them from disordered eating and dieting.Next, we cover the causes of eating disorders and various types of disorders that you need to know about. It then states the various signs to look out for, when assessing or diagnosing an eating disorder. The various treatments available for the most common eating disorders are discussed. The course also covers myths around eating disorders and how to prevent the conditions.

You Will Learn:

    • The definition of eating disorders
    • The difference between eating disorders, disordered eating and dieting
    • The causes and signs of eating disorders
    • The types of eating disorders
    • The treatment options for eating disorders
    • Myths around eating disorders
    • How to prevent eating disorders

Benefits of Taking This Course

    • Taking this course will help you:
    • Learn everything you need to know about eating disorders
    • Have an awareness of eating disorders
    • Learn how to prevent eating disorders
    • Learn about the various treatment options available for eating disorders
    • Learn about the various causes of eating disorders and find out if you are at risk
    • Eat healthily and live a healthy life
    • Determine if you are suffering from an eating disorder
    • Determine the type of eating disorder that you are suffering from
    • Make the right decision regarding your health status
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