Email Management and Ethics Certification

Email is unavoidable in today’s workplace. Regardless of industry, sector, or even position, you are bound to require the use of email in some capacity at some point in your career. Employees need to understand how to use email properly in a workplace context, and employers must be able to develop and implement email policies that reflect the values and goals of the organisation, while also staying well within the legal framework set out regarding email communication with clients. Learning more about how to manage your email and conduct business through email in an ethical way is an important part of any job role. This course goes into detail about email management and ethics, giving you the tools you need to conduct your business through email without alienating customers or going against the law. First, we begin by giving you general information about email, including how it is often misused in the workplace. Next, we talk about proper email etiquette, which is a crucial part of communicating with others. Anti-spam legislation and practices are also covered. Finally, we detail the steps involved in creating an ethical email policy.

You Will Learn:

    • The purpose of workplace email
    • The difference between encrypted and unencrypted messages
    • How you should craft the contents of an email
    • The relevant pieces of UK law relating to email marketing
    • Why you should create a written email policy
    • How to create a robust policy that includes everything you need

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • Understanding more about email encryption, including why it is so important to your workplace security
    • Learning how to treat attachments in a way that gets them past junk mail filters and into your customer’s inboxes
    • Learning how to comply with UK law regarding email communication, avoiding a steep fine
    • Understanding the importance of checking your own spam filters frequently
    • Learning how to ensure your staff members comply with your email policy
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