Evaluating a Marketing Plan

Learning how to evaluate your marketing plan is absolutely vital to ensure the strength of your brand and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. No matter your business size or nature, your success is directly linked to constantly evaluating your marketing plans. This course provides a comprehensive guide to evaluating your marketing plan by providing you with a comprehensive marketing plan checklist and brand evaluation guide to make sure you include every necessary element. From how to use customer feedback to effectively evaluate your brand image and marketing plan, to the science of specifically evaluating your digital marketing campaigns, this course covers everything you ever need to know about evaluating your marketing plan.

You Will Learn

    • How to use a checklist to ensure a complete and effective marketing plan
    • How to evaluate your entire brand and include it in your marketing plan
    • The different methods of gathering and using customer feedback to evaluate your marketing plan
    • The science of specifically evaluating your digital marketing plan

Benefits of Taking This Course

    • You will improve your digital footprint and maximise site and page visits and engagement
    • You will connect with your customers and gain their trust and loyalty
    • You will increase your customer base and attract new business opportunities
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