Event Management Logistics and Troubleshooting Certification

Learning about event management logistics and troubleshooting is absolutely essential for anybody involved with any type of event of any scale and type – whether you’re an event organiser, part of the event planning team or are looking to branch into the event management world. This course provides a comprehensive guide to event management logistics and troubleshooting by teaching both the logistical essentials, such as the ‘set-up’ and effective transportation, as well as how to avoid very common mistakes. From how to ensure sufficient and appropriate food and refreshments, to staying in budget, on-time and one step ahead of any possible problem, this course covers everything you need to know about event management logistics and troubleshooting!

You Will Learn

    • How to consider all the factors to ensure the perfect event set-up
    • How to provide sufficient and appropriate food and refreshments
    • How to ensure safe and efficient transport for every event element
    • How to avoid common mistakes such as going over budget, bad timing and unexpected weather conditions

Benefits of Taking This Course

    • You will improve your profit margin by working smarter and being efficient
    • You will improve business by establishing a good reputation in the industry
    • You will outshine your competition by improving your standards and service offerings
    • You will ensure the safety and well-being of event attendees and avoid negative repercussions
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