Extremism & Terrorism Awareness Certification

Although the threat from terrorist incidents is relatively low, it is vital that employers, employees and students remain aware of the threat posed by extremist violence. Vigilance underpinned by a working knowledge of violent extremism is the best defence against terrorist-related injuries and fatalities.In this course, you will learn how and why some people come to adopt extremist views, how to identify extremism in others and how some individuals cross the line from fervent beliefs to violence. The course also contains practical advice to follow should your workplace or institution come under threat from terrorism.

You Will Learn:

    • The difference between extremism and terrorism, how the former manifests as the latter and how terrorists carry out their attacks.
    • How individuals come to adopt extremist views, how extremists spread their message and the personal characteristics that make someone particularly vulnerable to radicalisation.
    • How to identify the most common signs of extremist views and intent to carry out terrorist activities in an employee or student, and how to use the “Behaviour Barometer” model to assess the situation.
    • What to do if you know or suspect that someone you know has been radicalised, and the next steps to take if you suspect that the situation is escalating.
    • How to use ETHANE and “4 C’s” to respond to a terrorist incident, and how to promote the safety and wellbeing of employees and students.

Benefits Of Taking This Course:

    • You will gain a general insight into terrorism and extremism, which will help you place news and current affairs into context.
    • You will be in a position to advise others in your workplace or institution about the threat of terrorism, and how they can take preventative measures against attacks.
    • If you work as a manager or tutor, this course will help you meet your responsibility to identify extremist views in employees and students.
    • If you work with young people, this course will help you assist those who are vulnerable to radicalisation, which in turn enables you to help safeguard your community.
    • A basic understanding of extremism and terrorism will further your understanding of government policy, essential for those looking to work in the civil service or allied fields.
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