Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards Certification

Figuring out an ideal reward system is the best way to motivate yourself and others to complete tasks. There are two main types of rewards that people tend to use: extrinsic rewards and intrinsic rewards. Understanding the difference between the main two types of rewards and how they can be applied to all situations, including at work and at home, can help you and others to feel more productive. This knowledge also helps you avoid over-rewarding individuals for certain tasks or behaviours, which almost always backfires. This course provides you with comprehensive information regarding both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. It begins by explaining extrinsic rewards in detail and moves on to describe intrinsic rewards. The features and important aspects of each reward are reviewed, helping to clarify exactly what each one is. The course then moves on to cover the ways in which you can use extrinsic rewards, in order to motivate yourself and others. Finally, the course covers the importance of praise, mentorship, education and feedback.

You will Learn:

  • When using extrinsic rewards should be done with caution.
  • The features that must be present, in order to increase the value of intrinsic rewards.
  • How to use extrinsic rewards to motivate, without it backfiring.
  • The reasons why you should start with praise.
  • How to use intrinsic rewards to motivate yourself and others at home or at work.
  • Why you should provide opportunities for advancement.

Benefits of taking this Course

    • Learning when extrinsic rewards are the most powerful motivators.
    • Understanding when to use extrinsic rewards and when to use intrinsic rewards.
    • Learning why you should never mix extrinsic and intrinsic rewards.
    • Learning why providing extrinsic and intrinsic rewards are more motivating than punishments or negative consequences.
    • Understanding the benefits of offering challenging work to all staff members.
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