Finding Motivation to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Getting fit and staying fit takes more than just a good diet and exercise plan.To stay fit throughout the year takes dedication and motivation. People who take the time to build themselves up mentally along their fitness journey often benefit from a positive self-image and maintain their fitness goals for longer.This course goes into detail on what it means to be motivated, how to stay positive and how to avoid bad habits that can negatively impact your fitness goals.We begin by addressing what positive motivational habits are, common bad habits that affect people trying to get fit and how motivation can benefit you in the long-term. Next, we review the importance of staying positive and avoiding self-defeating thoughts and the steps to help get yourself motivated. Finally, we provide you with a few extra tips that can help you stay on track with getting fit and staying fit.

You Will Learn:

    • Good motivational habits
    • Bad habits and negative thoughts that can hinder your progress to getting fit and staying fit
    • What positive and negative self-talk looks like
    • Tips to help you stay in shape and achieve your fitness goals

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • You will be able to learn how to get yourself motivated to exercise
    • You will see the impact of positive thinking and self-talk
    • You will be able to apply these motivational tactics in other areas of your life outside of fitness
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