Front Desk Safety and Security

Crime is a common occurrence among businesses. Many facilities often have to worry about security and safety of personnel, clients and, in some cases, the building too. The first line of defence in these cases is the people who run the front desk.Business owners who take the time to improve front desk safety and security often benefit from improved security, well-trained employees who can handle situations and better business policies and protocols.

We begin by addressing the difference between good front desk safety and security policies and bad policies. Next, we discuss the key points to consider when improving front desk security, the major areas to improve on the most, the benefits of improved safety and security and the basic steps to take. Finally, we give you a few tips that can help you in policy and protocol planning, where to turn to for security advice and so on.

You Will Learn:

    • What good front desk safety and security policies and protocol look like
    • What to avoid and/or fix for better security and safety
    • The five key points for developing good front desk policies
    • The six areas to make security improvements
    • How to develop a sound security plan alongside professional security experts

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • Your employees and business will have improved safety measures and better security
    • You will be able to determine what you need to fix and what to keep
    • Understanding the importance of front desk security and how it can protect you and your employees
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