Google Analytics Certification

If you have been looking for a way to learn more about the people who visit your website, along with their needs and behaviours while there, Google Analytics is perfect for you. This is a free tool that you can connect to virtually any website, as long as you have access to the source code. Once connected, Google Analytics can deliver almost any information you want regarding your web content, advertising efforts and the way your audience interacts with your web content. While logging in for the first time can feel a bit overwhelming, a bit of knowledge about the tool can help you navigate with ease its user-friendly dashboard.

This course goes into detail about Google Analytics, so you can confidently find the information you need to ensure your company succeeds. We begin by giving you a brief overview of Google Analytics, including how it works and why you should use it with every website you run. Next, we give you information regarding navigating your dashboard, including details about widgets and how to customise the information you see. We also give you a rundown of the most popular types of reports you can run. Finally, we review information regarding campaign and conversion tracking.

You Will Learn:

    • How Google Analytics can track details regarding your users and traffic sources
    • The definitions of key terms relating to Google Analytics
    • What a segment is and how you can use segments to better analyse data
    • All about a relatively new type of report available to Google Analytics users
    • How to use UTM parameters to ensure that you are achieving your website’s goals

Benefits of Taking this Course:

    • Learning how to better track your traffic, which can lead to improved ad campaigns and web content
    • Understanding the importance of regularly reviewing reports and acting on necessary changes
    • Getting a better understanding of the needs of your audience
    • Learning which features of Google Analytics are the most useful, saving you time
    • Being able to take control of your web content, so you can tailor it to your company’s unique needs
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