Hazard Identification & Risk Control Certification

Every year, British employees report over 600,000 workplace injuries. Not all injuries are preventable, but good hazard identification and risk control can go a long way in making the workplace a safer environment for everyone.In this course, you will learn how to quickly identify hazards, assess the danger they pose to employees and others at work and how to reduce risk as far as is reasonably practicable. You will learn about your obligations under the law when it comes to health and safety and how to keep accurate records.

What You Will Learn

    • What the terms “hazard” and “risk” mean in an occupational context and how key pieces of legislation help employers make the workplace safer for everyone
    • How to uncover hazards in the workplace, make a realistic assessment of the risk presented by these hazards and who you need to consult when making your assessment
    • How to keep appropriate records of risk assessments, what information you need to keep on file and how often you need to update your records
    • How to implement the hierarchy of control to manage any identified risks by using elimination, substitution, controls and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Benefits of Taking This Course

    • If you are an employer, you will benefit from learning about your legal obligations regarding hazard identification and risk management
    • If you are responsible for carrying out risk assessments in the workplace, you will benefit from learning how to keep useful records
    • If you need to implement new safety measures or review existing measures at work, this course will help you decide on the most appropriate interventions from those available
    • If you are an employee, you will benefit from understanding how and why employers need to undertake risk assessments and why your input on this topic can be invaluable
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