Healthy Eating at Work Certification

An employee’s diet has a significant impact on their health, which in turn can have a negative effect on their productivity at work. Every year, employers lose billions of pounds as a result of chronic diseases. Some of these illnesses are caused by poor dietary choices and excess body weight. Therefore, there is a strong business case to be made for workplace interventions that emphasise healthy eating habits and support employees in developing their food literacy.This course provides an overview of the causes and scale of health problems caused by a poor diet and contains practical advice for employers looking to encourage healthier habits in the workplace.

You Will Learn

    • Why it is in an employer’s best interest to promote healthy eating habits among their staff, the health risks accompanying excess body weight and the link between nutrition and productivity.
    • How an employer can improve their workers’ food literacy via workplace interventions, providing educational material and running formal workshops.
    • How to create a supportive environment that normalises healthy eating by making changes to company culture, the type and amount of food provided and ensuring that workers who want to change their diets are encouraged to meet their goals.
    • How and why workplace incentives and challenges work alongside education to instil new habits, why it is important to consult with the workforce before implementing new initiatives and why workplace weight loss competitions may not always be a good idea.

Benefits Of Taking This Course

    • You will gain an insight into the health problems currently facing the modern workforce, which is of benefit to anyone working in an HR or occupational health role.
    • If you are working in a managerial or supervisory position, this course will inspire you to lead by example and choose appropriate interventions that address the needs of your team.
    • If you work in a training or consultancy role, this course will help you devise workshops that will assist employers in promoting healthier behaviour among their workers.
    • If you work in the healthcare profession, this course will further your appreciation of the barriers people commonly face when trying to eat a healthier diet at work.
    • This course will provide anyone with an interest in public health and policy with relevant background information that will help them make sense of topical discussions surrounding the modern obesity epidemic.
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