Hiring Employees Certification

Regardless of the size and nature of your organisation, hiring and retaining the top talent can often prove to be a challenge, especially when seen in the light of competitive job markets. The hiring process can feel daunting and some key facts may fall through the cracks in the absence of a clear and consistent hiring strategy. Implementing a strong hiring process helps shorten the time-consuming recruitment lifecycle and reduces costs.Bad hires cost organisations thousands of pounds and you are forced to repeat the hiring cycle all over again.

In the course on hiring employees, you will learn about:

    • The importance of implementing a clear hiring process in order to select the right employees for your organisation
    • How to describe the job position available so that you can attract the best talent available
    • How to screen CVs from a large pool of prospective candidates and how to identify red flags that help eliminate unqualified job seekers
    • How to conduct preliminary phone screen interviews and pre-assessment tests
    • How to conduct professional, methodical and well-planned interviews and secure the best talent for your organisation

Some of the benefits of studying the course include the following:

    • You become aware of the steps involved in the hiring process and this can help you reduce the recruitment lifecycle and save costs
    • You are able to identify unsuitable candidates and weed them out at an early stage and focus on attracting the right talent
    • There is increased likelihood of hiring the right employees who will contribute to the success and growth of your organisation
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