Hiring for a Diverse Workforce Certification

When it comes to your workplace, diversity is more than just a common buzzword. It could be the key to your company’s success. Recent studies conducted by numerous organisations have shown the huge benefit that a diverse workforce can have on a company. Everything from your bottom line to your reputation in the community to the working environment can change, when you invest your time and money in hiring a diverse range of staff members.This course provides you with comprehensive information about hiring for a diverse workforce. It begins by providing you with the definition of diversity and giving you a few examples.We then move on to discuss how to recruit, when diversity is your goal, including aspects of your existing hiring practices that you need to abandon.Next, we move on to discuss the ways in which your company can retain its diverse workforce.Finally, we cover the considerations that you need to think about, when creating a diversity policy, including its numerous benefits.

You will Learn:

    • The most common diversity types that you can expect to see in the workforce
    • How a diverse workforce can benefit your company
    • Information to include and to omit from your job postings in order to attract diverse candidates
    • The reasons why you need a diversity policy
    • Which individuals you should consult, before finalising any draft diversity policy, and why
    • What the ‘pipeline problem’ is, and how to overcome it with ease

Benefits of Taking this Course

    • Understanding what diversity means, especially in a corporate context
    • Learning what characteristics are protected under UK law
    • Knowing how diverse staff members can add to your organisation’s success
    • Learning how to examine your own attitude and correct any potential bias or address any pre-existing prejudices
    • Understanding the importance of accountability on the part of management, when it comes to a diversity strategy
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