How to Build Resilience Certification

Resilience is a significant determinant of personal wellbeing. Some people appear naturally more robust than others, but real resilience consists of skills and behaviours that anyone can learn. In this course, you will discover the factors that determine resilience, and how to harness findings from contemporary psychological research to improve your own approach to dealing with life’s setbacks.

You Will Learn:

    • The benefits of resilience
    • The main pillars of resilience
    • Why social support is key in building resilience
    • Why changing your attitude towards problems can make you more resilient
    • How to maintain a positive self-image, and why doing so will improve your resilience

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • This course will help you address and overcome setbacks in your professional and personal life
    • You will learn how to reduce and manage everyday stress, thereby improving your general wellbeing
    • If you are interested in psychology, this course will provide you with an insight into the reasons why people vary in their level of resilience
    • If you support or manage others at work or at home, this course will help you assist them in times of personal or professional trouble
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