HR: Working with Vendors Certification

Some of the most important relationships you forge throughout your career are not with your colleagues or co-workers, but instead the vendors you work with on a regular basis. Finding the right vendor and developing a working relationship with them can ensure your company thrives in today’s incredibly competitive marketplace. The wrong vendor can quickly send you into the red, with poor delivery, sub-par products and high prices. This makes finding the right one, and learning when it is time to leave, a crucial skill to develop.This course goes into detail about how to forge and maintain good relationships with your vendors. It begins by telling you how to find the right vendor for your organisation’s specific needs. Next, we discuss how to maintain a good working relationship with all your vendors, including how you should handle any invoicing concerns. Finally, we spend time reviewing the ways you can deal with difficulties you may experience when working with a third-party vendor. Keeping all of this information in mind guarantees you can always work well with your vendors, keeping your company firmly in the black.

You Will Learn:

    • The three key factors you should look for when finding a new vendor
    • Why each of those three factors is important
    • Understanding how to deal with invoicing concerns
    • Why it is important to spend time learning about your own responsibilities and obligations
    • Who you should speak with if an order is wrong
    • Why price should never be the determining factor when picking a vendor

Benefits of Taking This Course

    • Understanding the role vendors play in your organisation
    • Learning what steps you should take if you cannot pay an invoice on time while still maintaining a good relationship with your vendor
    • Learning the steps you should take if you have concerns about chronic vendor issues
    • Learning about the role delivery plays in vendor selection
    • Understanding when you need to terminate the relationship with your vendor
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