Human Capital Management Certification

The success of a business is determined in no small part by the capabilities and productivity of its employees. Effective human capital management is essential at all stages of the worker cycle, from recruitment to retirement.This course will teach you how to get the most from your workforce, how to lead a team, how to motivate people and how to ensure that you select the best candidates when recruiting.

You Will Learn:

    • The relationship between HR and HCM
    • The scope of HCM and the key principles underlying best practice in HCM
    • Why employees are a business’ main asset and how HCM can help them perform at their best
    • What is meant by the term “human capital drivers” and an overview of the most common drivers
    • How to maximise human capital via training and the use of effective policies

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • If you work in an HR or HCM-related role, this course will provide you with a useful overview of why effective employee management is crucial to the success of a business
    • If you work in a managerial role, the material on this course will help you get the best performance from your team
    • If you own a business, this course will help you take a holistic view of your company and appreciate why improving human capital is so important
    • If you are interested in occupational psychology, this course will help you understand what drives people at work
    • If you are responsible for recruiting and retaining talent at work, this course will help you choose the best candidate for a role and then nurture their development
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