Identity Theft Awareness Certification

Most people are aware that identity theft is a major problem, but most of us do not fully appreciate how easy it is for criminals to steal someone’s personal details and use them to commit fraud.In this course, you will gain a solid understanding of how identity theft happens, what you can do to prevent it and the exact steps you need to take if you know or suspect that someone has stolen your information.

You Will Learn:

    • The difference between identity theft and identity fraud and why it can have serious, long-term effects for victims
    • Practical ways to safeguard your identity and the extra precautions you should take when moving home
    • Protective measures that will keep your personal information private and how technology can leave you vulnerable to identity theft
    • What to do if someone has stolen your identity
    • The most common means by which criminals commit identity theft

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • By understanding how identity theft occurs, you can reduce the risk that it will happen to you
    • This course will help you protect potentially vulnerable people, such as elderly relatives, against identity theft
    • By knowing in advance what to do if you become a victim, you will be able to act promptly to ensure the situation does not escalate
    • If you are responsible for safety and security at work – perhaps in an HR-related role – this course may help you make appropriate recommendations to promote everyone’s safety
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