Improving Personal Effectiveness

Improving personal effectiveness enriches the life and capacities of the individual, and when applied across organisations is a formidable tool to enhance efficiency and productivity. The skills and tools this course provides will help you and your organisation become more effective at managing your most valuable resources, including your time.The knowledge, skills and tools to become effective in your personal and professional life are learnt, not inherited. This means that no matter where you are at the moment; there is always room for improvement. Many organisations try and cut costs to drive profits, when in reality improving the effectiveness of existing resources is a much more practical, rapid and valuable way to drive profits. For employers, managers and leaders, you will find how to steer your workforce to perform with more efficacy. For employees, workers and staff, you will learn how to excel in your job and create more opportunities for your career path. This course is sourced from credible scientific research and studies, giving you empirically, results driven content that will maximise your ability to be effective.This course contains written material that clearly and succinctly gets to the heart of improving personal effectiveness. It also contains practical tools, exercises, tests and worksheets to apply the knowledge you gain and reinforce it through experiential learning.

What you will learn

This course will teach you:

    • How personal effectiveness is crucial to getting fulfilment out of life
    • The habits of effective and ineffective individuals
    • How habits are formed and how to change ineffective habits
    • How workplace behaviour affects the ability to be effective
    • How to deal with disruptive workplace behaviours and difficult situations
    • How to set clear objectives and achievable goals
    • Methods to effectively organise and prioritise tasks
    • Methods to effectively manage time
    • Methods to deal with stressful situations and stay motivated
    • Workplace skills and their importance
    • How to effectively conduct meetings
    • How to effectively lobby and gain influence

This course provides a thorough explanation of all these topics and more. Upon completion of this course you will understand how to maximise your effectiveness and have the tools you need to do so. In our fast paced modern lives time often seems to be slipping away, when in reality it is simply not being managed effectively. Learn how to prioritise your time to get the most out of your life and become the most effective version of you possible, with immense rewards.

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