Improving School Attendance Certification

Learning how to improve school attendance is absolutely essential for any teacher, head teacher, parent or school representative. Whether you’re experiencing a school attendance problem or are looking to avoid one, this course covers everything you need to know. This course provides a comprehensive guide to improving school attendance, including the factors that affect attendance and how to improve it through a variety of strategies. From how to work with parents and families, to motivating and encouraging students and intervening, when necessary, it covers everything you need to know regarding every aspect of improving school attendance.

You Will Learn

  • All of the factors affecting school attendance
  • Strategies for schools to improve attendance
  • Working with parents and families to improve attendance
  • Motivating and encouraging students to stay in school
  • When intervention is necessary, and how to go about it

Benefits of Taking this Course

    • You will vastly improve student attendance at your school
    • You will form positive relationships with parents and gain their trust
    • Your students will be motivated and inspired to stay in school
    • You will understand the reasons why students stay out of school and be able to address each one
    • You will be able to successfully intervene and assist students who are experiencing problems and their families
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