Introduction to AutoCAD

Learning with the Introduction to AutoCAD is vital for anyone involved in the design and drafting-based industries, including manufacturing, engineering, graphic design, architecture and many more. Whether you want to improve your current skill-set or are looking to start your career, this is your ultimate introductory guide. This course provides a comprehensive guide to AutoCAD, one of the world’s best design and drafting tools, by analysing the special features and capabilities and outlining the specific uses in multiple industries. From its integration and compatibility functions with other software and files, to a full guide to each of the industry-specific versions, this course provides the perfect introduction to AutoCAD.

You Will Learn:

    • A full definition of AutoCAD, its background and how it works
    • The special features and capabilities of AutoCAD
    • How AutoCAD integrates functions and offers compatibility with third party software and data
    • A comprehensive guide to each one of the industry-specific versions, including their features and tools

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • You will improve your overall knowledge of Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
    • You will be able to make an informed AutoCAD product choice for your specific needs
    • You will begin your journey to incorporating AutoCAD expertise into your resume
    • You will avoid wasting time and money on inferior CAD software options
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