Introduction to Photography

Everywhere you look there is a photo of a person, landscape, animal, or product. Photography holds a very special place in history and continues to stay on top as a valued commodity, despite all the technological advancements. People who learn about photography benefit from gaining a new hobby, a new marketable skill and appreciation for their surroundings. Being able to take a decent photo can also boost your confidence and you can always gift your friends and family a wonderful scrapbook of memories. In this course you will learn about the various aspects of taking a good photo, the different types of photography and the benefits of learning how to use a camera efficiently. Next, you will learn how to improve your photography skills and what areas to focus your attention on when attempting to take a good picture.Finally, we will review a few tips and advice in regards to perfecting your photography skills, the importance of practice and so on.

You Will Learn:

    • What makes a good photograph
    • The importance of photography as a whole
    • The various aspects of photography as an art
    • The different types of photography
    • The importance of experimenting and learning photography techniques
    • The benefits of taking good pictures

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You will learn a new skill
  • Learning about photography can help you build confidence and improve self-esteem
  • You will be able to use your camera to its maximum potential
  • The many uses for photographs and the potential to make a career
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