Introduction to REBT: Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) is a talk-based therapy grounded in the principle that the way in which a person responds to events in their lives is just as important as the events themselves. REBT also emphasises the role of dysfunctional thought patterns in the maintenance of psychological distress.In this course, you will learn about the theory underpinning REBT and the techniques that REBT therapists use to help their clients lead happier lives.

You Will Learn:

    • The origins of REBT
    • The problems that respond well to REBT
    • How REBT is delivered
    • The ABC model, the framework at the heart of REBT and how it is used to help clients resolve emotional distress
    • The practical interventions used by REBT therapists during and between therapy sessions

Benefits of Taking this Course:

    • If you are thinking of pursuing a career as a psychotherapist, this course will provide you with a valuable introduction to an influential school of therapy
    • If you wish to seek personal therapy, this course will help you decide whether REBT may be helpful for you
    • If you support someone who is receiving REBT or a similar therapy, this course will help you understand how their treatment works
    • If you are interested in mental health, this course will provide you with an insight into the relationship between thinking styles and wellbeing
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