Introduction to Tax Accounting Certification

Are you a small business owner or someone looking to improve employee knowledge of the tax system? The Introduction to Tax Accounting Certification offers UK-specific course material, which is designed to provide employees with a foundational knowledge base of the current tax system. Across 10 modules, this programme discusses a wide range of topics, all intended to equip employees with the required skills, in order to work in a tax setting. It is meant specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Update your own skills, or that of your staff, with this easy-to-follow course, or take the first step in training new employees in this exciting field.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Throughout the 10 modules, the course will cover numerous topics, including:

    • The UK taxation system, including the history of taxation and UK regulations and standards;
    • UK-specific benefits and how they work, such as Working Tax Credit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Universal Credit and Bereavement Allowance, to name just a few;
    • National Insurance contributions and how they impact income tax, as well as specific tax codes and rates and how to submit a self-assessment;
    • An overview of various taxation systems, such as business taxes, Value Added Tax (VAT), payroll and wages;
    • Information on taxes related to importing and exporting goods and services, including duty relief and how to classify goods;
    • Accounts and financial management, which will focus on areas such as double entry accounting, preparation of profit/loss statements and balance sheets and calculating and managing cash flow.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

Here are the benefits of taking the course:

    • Employees will understand the basics of the UK tax system, which can benefit your business;
    • The material covered in this course can be immediately applied to your workplace, while engaging your staff in personal development, which leads to increased job satisfaction;
    • Course evaluations ensure that staff are acquiring the desired knowledge base and outcomes;
    • It ensures that your business is following the most current standards and best practices related to taxation in the UK;
    • It focuses specifically on the UK tax system, so you won’t have to guess if it applies to your business;
    • The course can be completed from anywhere in the world and is designed to be easy to follow, meaning it will benefit a beginner or be a good refresher for more experience employees, no matter where they are, including the comfort of their own home!
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