Learning Disabilities Awareness

Learning disabilities are often diagnosed in children after they start school. Although the disorders develop in children at a young age, even before birth, they only manifest in school age children.Affected children are unable to interpret what they see or hear. They are also not able to connect information from various parts of the brain. The problems manifest as difficulties with written or spoken language, self-control, co-ordination or even attention.The difficulties also affect school work and impair learning to write, read or do mathematics. However, an individual’s IQ or the person’s intelligence is not reflected through learning disabilities.The disorders are often lifelong, impacting an individual’s family situation, work or school, friendships, daily routines or even play. Overlapping learning disabilities can become apparent in children with the disorders. However, some children have just one independent learning issue, which has no effect on other parts of their lives. Not all learning difficulties fall under learning disabilities. Some children are just slow to develop specific skills because children naturally differ in their rate of development. Therefore, what may seem to be a learning disorder may just be a delay in reaching maturity.This course covers everything you need to know about learning disabilities.

You Will Learn:


    • What learning disabilities are and how they occur
    • Types of learning disabilities
    • Signs of learning disabilities in children in their early years, their fifth year and at primary school level
    • Signs of learning disabilities in secondary school students and adults
    • Interventions for learning disabilities
    • Learning disability awareness months and weeks


Benefits of Taking This Course

Taking this course will help you:

    • Understand learning disabilities, how they occur and how they manifest
    • Learn the different types of learning disabilities
    • Help create awareness about the learning disabilities
    • Determine if your child has a learning disability
    • Learn how to treat learning disorders
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