Level 1 C++ Certification

As a reliable and fundamental programming language, C++ code can be used to programme several apps, games and software. Newer versions of C++ have been cleared of earlier issues, and it is considered a highly portable programming language.

If you’re interested in developing your own apps, it’s a significant advantage to be familiar with C++. Many top-rated apps and games in the world use its features. Using the vast library of code, you can build an app or game prototype right from scratch.

What’s Covered in the Course?

This video course on C++ will cover the following topics:

    • How to run the text editor, prior to running your C++ code, and why it’s important;
    • The best browser to use for learning and running C++ code;
    • How to create ‘cout’ statements and titles for your code;
    • How to interpret error messages, and how to avoid common errors in syntax, etc.;
    • How to call codes one after the other, and how to show separate pieces of code with the correct syntax;
    • How to write integer and other types of variables and use indentation for improved readability of code;
    • An introduction to passing variables to function codes and use if, else statements and operators in your code.

This video course offers the following benefits

The benefits of learning this course include:

    • As C++ is fast and powerful, as well as efficient, you will be in an empowered position to start understanding the fundamentals of C++ coding;
    • After doing the beginner’s course, you can consider learning the intermediate or advanced courses for enhanced functionality in C++;
    • You will better understand how to iron out issues with your apps;
    • Learning C++ will help you find ways to improve your app and add features and functionalities;
    • You will enjoy much more control over how you use your computer resources cheaply and efficiently.
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