Level 1 CSS Certification

CSS is as important to website design, as engineering is to building. It is the foundation of every website and is also one of the easiest coding methods to learn. While html is considered to be the grandfather of coding, CSS is what makes a website look better. Therefore, it is very useful to understand what CSS coding is and how to use it. In many cases when you are designing your own web page, it is useful to know how to implement the design elements in the back end. Even if you hire a service or someone to do the programming for you, it is still very useful to understand how it all works.In this tutorial, you will not only learn about the importance of CSS coding, but also how to begin programming using this easy CSS coding method. Although this can sound intimidating, the possibilities of creating a beautiful and fun design are limitless when you know how to use and implement CSS. Let us take a look at what you will learn in the course and what some of the benefits of taking this course are:

What you will learn in this course:

    • How to practise coding using a free website such as jsbin.com
    • The difference between html and CSS coding and how to tell them apart
    • Understand the use of paragraph tags, how to separate them and create different layout options
    • Learn to identify the use of an ‘id’ and ‘classes’
    • Commonly used fonts and how to add colours using a hex code
    • How to effectively use padding to design the layout of the webpage
    • How to use Latin text as a ‘skeleton’ when building a web page

Benefits of taking this course:

    • Learn how to customise a web page and make back-end changes
    • Save money on web designers
    • Learn about different aspects of web design such as fonts that are used, when they are used and what makes them unique
    • How to ensure that a website can be appropriately viewed on all platforms, i.e., desktop, mobile devices
    • How to design a beautiful web page by inserting images and playing around with layout so that the webpage and background complement each other
    • Begin to enhance creative output
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