Level 2 Facilities Management Certification

An expertise in facilities management is vital in a variety of promising careers. Whether in the field of property management, finance, business, real estate, maintenance or communications, facilities managers play an integral role. Knowing how to manage a facility, by taking advantage of all possible assets, such as technology, people and the actual place, is a key skill in today’s job market. If there are members of staff within your organisation who need to gain a knowledge of managing facilities, this course is ideal.The course is offered entirely online, and this allows your team members the ability to study wherever and whenever is most convenient for them and also you, as their employer.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Through this course, your team members can expect to cover the following:

    • The role of a facilities manager in an organisation;
    • The different types of facilities managers and their responsibilities within a given career;
    • An introduction to the important subject of space planning and how to create space management guidelines;
    • The smartest and most efficient way to regulate services, for instance air-conditioning, lighting and heating;
    • How to manage waste disposal in a legal and environmentally-friendly manner;
    • The legal requirements and responsibilities of maintaining a safe and healthy environment and how to provide the safest possible space;
    • The often complicated issue of synchronising all necessary repairs and maintenance work in the most cost-efficient and timely manner;
    • The social and environmental obligations, from both a legal and moral standpoint.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

There are a range of benefits that your employees can look forward to, when they have successfully completed this course. These benefits include:

    • Equipping staff with the necessary knowledge, in order to manage facilities of all types;
    • Gaining skills to advance their careers in facilities management;
    • Online support while studying the course;
    • Access to the materials on any device, 24/7;
    • Employees who successfully complete all elements of the course will be given a fully-accredited certificate.
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