Level 2 Fraud Management & Anti-Money Laundering Awareness Certification

Having the ability to identify the signs of fraud is important for a variety of positions, but especially if you own your own business. Money laundering, which is often how a criminal will hide assets that have been fraudulently gained, is a problem that is intricately connected to the issue of fraud, and therefore it is vital to be aware of it. While at times overlooked, billions are lost annually due to cases of fraud. These losses could damage a business or reputation or even cause an organisation to fail. This is why being aware of the many tools and skills available to detect cases of fraud are absolutely essential and, as an employer, it always makes a lot of sense to familiarise as many of your staff as possible on this issue.This important 25 module course will guide your employees through everything they need to know, in order to combat fraud and money laundering practices within your organisation.

What’s Covered in the Course?

In this course, staff will learn about:

    • The different types of fraud and how to identify them;


    • What a typical offender would look like, and how to recognise suspicious behaviour;


    • Techniques that are most commonly employed by criminals, in order to cheat an organisation;


    • The psychology of the individuals that perpetrate these crimes and what motivates their behaviour, beyond the obvious financial incentive;


    • How those at the top of an organisation or in politics can engage in fraud through bribery and corruption;


    • The most effective tools available, in order to identify fraud and how to utilise them;


    • How fraud can damage anyone through identity theft and what to do, if you find that someone has stolen your identity;


    • Safeguards that your employees can put in place, in order to prevent fraud before it can ever;


    • What money laundering is and the variety of different methods that are commonly employed, in order to hide assets.



What are the Benefits of the Course?

The range of benefits that any of your team members can look forward to include:

    • The structured certification can help to accelerate your employee’s career;


    • Your business will benefit from having employees who are knowledgeable about anti-money laundering and fraud practices;


    • There are no entry requirements, so your staff needn’t worry about having the right qualifications, in order to apply;


    • The course content is available online and structured in a modular fashion, so your team members can study at their own pace, at a time and from a place that best suits them.
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