Level 2 Payroll Systems & Management Certification

The Payroll Systems and Management Certificate is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required by those who wish to work in the payroll administration section of a Human Resources Department and for those who must have an understanding of the rules and regulations governing the payment of salaries and wages in the UK.Employees enrolled on this course have two chances to complete and pass the end-of-course test. They also have lifetime access to the learning modules, so they can refresh their knowledge at any time.

What’s Covered in the Course?

    What a payroll system is and why every organisation needs one;

  • The basics of payroll systems: what you need to know, what to avoid and the importance of communication;
  • The types of payroll systems in the United Kingdom: what to include in the system and working with HMRC;
  • Elements of an efficient payroll system: staff training, performance reviews and record keeping;
  • How employees entering and leaving the business impacts payroll: what to do, P45’s and recording time keeping;
  • How to deal with HMRC, when it comes to new employees, what information HMRC will need from the organisation and how to ensure that employees are paid the correct amount each month or week;
  • How to calculate gross and net pay: the difference between gross and net pay and why the business must issue a wage slip for each employee;
  • The different deductions to calculate net pay amounts;
  • What statutory pay is: record keeping and reporting to HMRC;
  • National minimum wage, based on age groups;
  • National Insurance contribution systems: why employees pay National Insurance, the different rates and employer contributions;
  • How to manage the online PAYE system;
  • What the employment allowance is;
  • Retirement schemes;
  • Different programmes available for payroll;
  • Tips to correct payroll errors;
  • The importance of annual reporting.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

    • A professionally administered payroll contributes to staff satisfaction and morale;
    • Successful learners will have a comprehensive understanding of how to manage the organisation’s payroll within the United Kingdom;
    • During the course of 23 comprehensive modules, employees will learn the essential tools and knowledge needed, in order to complete a payroll in an effective and orderly manner;
    • The course is offered online, which enables the employee to study at their own pace and in their own time, using any device connected to the internet,
    • Upon successful completion of the course, the learner will be awarded with a certification, which is industry-recognised and verifiable.
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